Using IRTrans with LIRC Clients

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Using IRTrans with LIRC Clients

Postby IRTrans » Thu 8. May 2008, 11:23

As LIRC basically only supports "dumb" devices it does not work with IRTrans directly.
Therefore the IRTrans software emulates the LIRC system (lircd). This allows to use any application
that has got a LIRC interface.
Low level tools (like irrecord) cannot be used as the whole low level handling is done by the IRTrans hardware.
As the whole LIRC system is emulated no original LIRC daemons (e.g. lircd) are allowed to run !

LIRC only supports a single zone - therefore there is no multizone support via LIRC.

To use any application via the LIRC interface the approach is quite simple:

1. Do not start any LIRC tools or daemons !
2. Install the IRTrans software
3. Start the irtrans server (irserver)
4. Use the irtrans ASCII Client (irclient) to learn the IR Codes: Simply start it with "irclient localhost"
5. Configure your application to use LIRC for IR remote control

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