The problem with sending commands via UDP

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Re: The problem with sending commands via UDP

Postby simples » Sun 22. Jul 2012, 09:12

We still use the old version IRServer.
I shall not be at work next week so I shall try to check the new one after return. I shall also send you our settings for receiving XMP codes in a week. However, I believe that using such a method for decoding these codes is a palliative. The real solution would be decoding in accordance with the XMP specification.
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Re: The problem with sending commands via UDP

Postby IRTrans » Sun 22. Jul 2012, 15:08

An implementation of the XMP Code will be much to complicated. There are dozens of different variants around. Furthermore there is no documentation available for the codes.

However, there is one option that will make comparing the codes a lot easier: You can use the "No sort of IR Codes" option in the Device settings. That way the beginning of the code will always look the same. In addition you can use "[RCV-LEN]" option in the remote control to make sure that only the beginning of the iR Code is compared. That way it should be possible to correctly receive those codes with just one IR code for each button.

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