Im- and Export of an IR Schema

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Im- and Export of an IR Schema

Postby tiveria » Wed 17. Aug 2011, 16:20


i'M currently trying to add some ex and import functions to my application. i want to provide the user the ability to transfer complete IR settings from one pc to another - even with another ir server connected.
Therefore i would need api calls that allow me to read out the content of the rem files through the .net api as the ir server might not be directly accessible. The same should be possible the other way round. sending a complete ir schema together with it's name to the irserver so that it can then be used.
The only command in this area i found is the Reloaddatabase one but thats only a little part of the story.

are such api calls available? if not, can i read out all rc sequences that are part of one schema through an api?

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Re: Im- and Export of an IR Schema

Postby IRTrans » Wed 17. Aug 2011, 17:24

that is not directly possible through the API.

I would suggest to transfer the files from one PC to another.

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